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Jumpstart the Health Routine You've Always Wanted

Do you prefer setting a daily routine or taking life day by day?

I never thought I would be the type of person that needs to develop routine in order to be productive, but if there’s one thing that quitting my job and isolation have in common, it's showing me how much I like routine, and how much better balanced my life is with structure in place.

If you have been thinking a routine might be just what you need to get out of that quarantine funk, and bring a sense of motivation to your life, continue reading and you'll be well on your way to having the tips and tools to jumpstart that daily health routine you've been searching for.

Many people think a routine has to follow all these guidelines, but the truth is, it doesn't! Your routine can be anything that works for you. If you start comparing yourself with others it won't work because, well I mean, look at us. None of us are the same! So of course what works best for your friend, may not be the exact same routine that works for you. The vast diversity of this world is what makes it such a beautiful place to have a part in.

Just because I'm going to walk you through my routine, in no way means this is the lifestyle everyone should set for themselves. We all have to ask ourselves what is the most important thing we are seeking out of life, especially during such a critical time. It's so important that our mental health is maintained, since getting out and socializing is such foreign identity to us now. My goal is to help you reach a goal. Whether that is adding structure to the components of your already busy life, or bring some insight as to what you might need in your life right now.

So now that we're all dealing with more time than the norm allows, how do you find the structure for developing a routine, even when it feels like the whole world has stopped? Just follow along with these guided steps;

Steps to develop a healthy daily routine

1. Ask yourself what you need the most and start there.

Maybe you want to incorporate more mindfulness or calmness in your day, so you try and start with a little meditation. Keep in mind that a little goes a long ways. I never thought I would be able to take 30 minuets out of my day of pure stillness, but I wouldn't be there today if it didn't start from just sitting up in bed and taking 50 deep breaths. Routine builds over time and it becomes most effective when it's something you feel is attainable to you.

2. View this routine building concept as a lifestyle enhancement.

If you want to incorporate more health awareness into your daily life, realize that this is a lifestyle enhancement. Think about the end goal in this. Results to a healthy lifestyle don't come over night, but the progression can start from day one. Hold onto this mentality, and know that it takes time, sometimes weeks, until you really feel the benefits. Keeping the long term effects in mind, will help your routine vision become your reality.

3. Set morning reminders out the night before.

You could set a literal reminder on your phone or google device, or you could find your reminder by setting something out the night before, which is more fun anyway. If you want meditation or yoga to be the first thing you do each day, lay out your yoga mat or an unlit candle on the floor. You want motivation for a morning workout? Lay out some athletic wear that will pump you up to throw on. A little visual reminder that you see from the moment you wake up, will ensure you don't miss making this part of your day. You'll have to at least be intentional if you so choose to skip it.

4. Praise yourself for the accomplishments, let go of the failure mentality.

Find little rewards for your accomplishments so you associate positive pathways with your routine. Maybe have a separate calendar, specialized for your workouts and stick a star on it when you've worked out. A calendar can also be used to track your diet. For example, I used to mark a 'V' on my calendar on days I went vegan to aim for majority of the week days a plant based diet. This accountability helped me to eventually fully transition. Reward yourself however you see fit, but don't dwell on it if you skip a part of your routine one day. Let it go and try again tomorrow.

5. Use a reward system when taking daily supplements.

Ok this one I made up myself, but I think there's some fun to be said in this extra challenge.

If you want to get in the habit of living a lifestyle that supports a healthy immune system, natural healers are a great inexpensive incorporation to your daily health routine. Some store-bought supplements can definitely be pricy, that's why I recommend natural supplements sourced from the earth. Ginger, turmeric, and garlic are full of healing properties. Apple cider vinegar also has amazing health properties that can serve as a great home remedy. However, if we're being honest the taste of these plant-based supplements can be slightly unbearable. To get in the daily habit of taking these, make it a fun by turning it into a reward for when you've accomplished a part of your morning routine. After you've completed that workout you can go have some fun in the kitchen by mixing apple cider vinegar with water, lemon and maybe a slice of ginger to make it taste better. Getting in the habit of taking them straight after doing something, will help you establish two productive parts of your healthy routine!

6. Truly commit by finding some accountability.

You know who your biggest supports are in life so talk to your friends, send an email to yourself, write down your commitment in your journal. Wherever the place may be that you instill your trust, find it, and mark it there. Sometimes my friends and I will check in and ask each other what their daily goals are. It's nice to check back in at the end of the day and receive encouragement from those who believe in you. It makes it that much more exciting and realistic that you'll stick with a routine when you know there's someone cheering for you.

My Daily Routine

Now, if I've managed to hold your attention this long, and you are curious on what the daily routine is that I've set for myself, you're welcome to follow it, or create your own. Either way, I'll leave you with the content of my daily regimen, and hopefully spread a touch of inspiring light in the routine you design for yourself.

I have found that it's much easier for me to start with a morning routine, and what sets me up for success is starting my day with some mindfulness. The first thing I do each day, is ten minuets of meditation, by coming to complete silence and stillness. It's important for me to have quiet time in the morning and bring awareness to my breath. Checking in with how you feel, and observing where this breath can take you, allows you to focus in on the small things you want to implement for that day.

After my morning meditation, I bring in some physical movement to my body through my daily yoga practice. I often look to YouTube for the daily video by Yoga With Adriene, as I've been a subscriber to her channel for many years, and love that she caters to all. After yoga, I'll usually roll straight into a workout. During this quarantine I've been a big fan of all the live workouts people share from their Instagram accounts. It makes working out so much better when you know other's are doing it with you in real time.

I've become a fan of the intermittent eating schedule. This means I only eat during a duration of eight hours in the day. It works really well for me because I keep myself so busy in the morning, and can focus on work more clearly when my digestive system isn't called to action too early. I break my 16 hour fast from 12pm or 1pm each day, the more consistent eating schedule, I've found to be the better. I have my last meal at around 6pm or 7pm and finish eating by 8pm each day. Before bringing food into my system, a critical part of my routine is taking my daily supplements. I've always been a big fan of vitamin C, which you can find in food, but an extra boost during these times of trying to keep our immune systems in tip top shape never hurts. I also take vitamin B6 and B12, which is really the only one you might need to take as a supplement form if you're vegan. I've found the most whole plant-based foods I can incorporate into my meals works the best for me. Not only are whole foods packed with vitamins and nutrients, but by ensuring my body is full of the nutrients it needs daily, the lesser cravings I have for junky sugary foods, and a greater desire for all around wellness regarding my health.

After brunch, I tend to just go with the flow in accordance to what type of mood I'm in. This involves lots of attention on my doggies, daily walks, yoga, and nibbling throughout the daily hours on delicious homemade vegan snacks. That pretty much wraps up the daily regimen of how I consume my quarantine hours. A great suggestion for a goodnight's sleep that I've found helps greatly with insomnia, is a warm night cap of ginger tea, or water, calming the mind with a mellow night meditation, just before I allow my mind to find a deeper state of relaxation.

Hopefully these steps get you well on your way to starting a routine for a healthy lifestyle. Remember to start by checking in with where you need it the most, and if that means setting a routine isn't for you, then you can always take life as it rolls!

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